International Cleanup Day

When Padi Project Aware Foundation held their annual international cleanup day in September, Atlantis in Puerto Galera took the opportunity to mix fun and some hard work and make the day into a special event. As a Go Eco operator, Atlantis organised a cleanup with 4 speedboats and 35 divers from 13 different countries.

Equally important to helping the environment is that volunteers have fun, and it was all a great success! We are lucky to have such environmentally conscious divers, with reefs and dive sites that remain relatively free of garbage.

Atlantis also assisted the Auxiliary Coast Guard and a local school to really make the day a special event with 90 students and teachers helping out on land. Many thanks to everyone especially Randy, Gator, and MB from Atlantis.

Footnote: International Cleanup Day is held annually on the 3rd Saturday in September. Divers and water enthusiasts are encouraged to organize or volunteer for cleanups year round to address the devastating impact of marine debris on the aquatic environment. In 2007, a total of 358,617 recorded volunteers helped clean 34,560 miles of shoreline and remove seven million pounds of rubbish worldwide.


Dan said…
Looks like everyone had a great time while doing something positive. Great job!

-- Dan
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